Friday, September 25, 2009

Hairbows Hairbows Hairbows

Here are a few of my favorite hairbows of Avie Lu's. I love to make them to match outfits for special occasions and just to be different. If you are interested in having an adorable bow made for your little girl please let me know by leaving a comment.

I recently started making bottlecap hairbows. My co-workers thought I was crazy when I brought in a 6 pack of bottled root beer for everyone to drink so that I could use the caps! I have made 2 twilight bows and I am in the middle of finding the perfect image of Hannah Montana for a sweet little girl to wear to the Miley Cyrus concert next week! Pictures to come soon!
I'm taking a short little va-ca this weekend. I can't wait to post pictures of what I will be doing this weekend. It's a surprise!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My cousin, Roxie, emailed me this to add to my blog. She wanted to be a "guest" blogger. This sweet paragraph brought tears to my eyes...because remembering how exciting but scared I was that day 5 years ago. So get the Kleenex box out, here we go...

Wow! Hudson is a 5 year old little boy now. I can’t believe it! It really does seem like yesterday that I was in the lobby trying to study for a Spanish test when he came barrelling into our lives. The bad news was that I did not pass that stinkn’ test, but my heart never felt warmer than it did that night. Since he was a preemie, it was hard watching Beth and Kevin just looking at this amazing gift that could not yet be opened. Beth explained it as it being Christmas morning when you are a child and not being able to open your presents. Hudson spent some time in the NICU, but eventually came home to be with his mommy and daddy at their newly remodeled home in Carterville. As an Auntie, I have had a front seat view to the stories Hudson’s short 5 years has provided, I can only imagine what his parents are thinking as their little boy turns 5.

Hudson had an amazing day. First on the agenda was taking his cupcake creation in the form of a dragon to school for snack time. Then he came home and helped daddy mow the yard. Later this afternoon, Grandma Jane and Grandpa Larry came to visit on their way home from Branson. They brought him a tackle box for all fishing supplies. Then papa arrived with a remote control car (like he really needed another. but he loves them!) and a huge styrofoam airplane (the best $3 you can spend). Of course, Grandma Shirley stopped by with a brand new power wheel 4 wheeler. Yes, it is big enough for both rugrats to ride on! YES! I think we will be having a yard sale soon. Kevin says the kiddie toys are taking over the garage.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Remember when...

my baby was this little bity. Five years ago right now I was at the hospital in pre-term labor. My water had broke at 3:30 that afternoon. I was excited. Scared. Worried. I was only 34 weeks. Hudson Arthur Lane Chapman was born at 12:02 am on September 23, 2004. He was 4 lb 15 oz and 18.5 in. long. He immediately was sent to the NICU where he would spend the next 8 days with the best nursing staff that you could ever ask for. My little buckaroo came home on October 1, 2004. We were remodelling our "new" house at the time and still lived in the duplex. Hudson had all of his baby furniture at the new house. So he slept the first night home with us in this laundry basket in the office chair next to the bed. He fit perfectly in that basket all cuddled up. Yes, you guessed it...we moved into our house the very next day. While everyone helped move us, I got to spend time with the newest edition to our family. We never knew how much our lives would change with this little one in it.

Five whole years later, this handsome, smart, funny, and talented child still amazes us each and everyday. Isn't it amazing how time flies by and when you look back at pictures you think to yourself...where has the time gone.

Yes, this is my silly 5 year old. My future Carterville Lion football player. Meteorologist. Dairy farmer. Comedian. Chick magnet. I have no idea what his future holds. But one thing is for sure, his daddy and I will be right there beside him.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Good morning sunshine.

Avery slept through the night last night. That hasn't happened in a while. She did get up at 6:30 am (her usual). She actually has enough hair to have bed head! Isn't it the cutest?
peek-a-boo I see you. She loves playing and hiding in the curtains. Maybe she will be into decorating and sewing like her momma. I hope.
She looks like a rooster with that hair do. Too stinkin' cute.

Football Friday!

There is one guarantee on Friday night in C'ville...Everyone is at the football game. Hudson's birthday is next week, so we decided to do a orange & blue (C'ville colors) birthday party. It was a small get together, but we had alot of fun. Look how cute these two look in their C'ville colors. GO LIONS!

Here is Avery and her best girlfriends, Mia & Sydne. Their mommy made their shirts and I made their bows. They were definitely the best dressed girls at the game by far!
And of course, Avery and Parker on the bike together. They are so cute together. Parker always is talking to or about Avery. I think that he needs a baby sister...

More to come of Hudson & his new bike. I didn't get to take too many pics during the party because we were busy. I should have gave someone that task. Oh well. I will post pics of him riding his bike WITHOUT training wheels. Yes he is a big boy now!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

needed: family updated pic

I'm searching through my pictures and can not come across a more recent pic of the whole family. Yes, we have last years Christmas picture, but it's so old and the kids have changed soooo much since then. Hudson needs one for his "family tree" at school. I guess I will keep searching. You know someone has to be the photographer. Here are some of my most favorite pics of all of us (just not all together in one picture). This is in Gatlinburg, TN. We had so much fun. Can't you tell?

This is probably my most favorite picture of my two kiddos.

Kevin looks thrilled to be having another picture taken! Maybe I should just print out two pictures and glue them together. Just a thought...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Good friends Good wine Great times!

Headed to Orlandini Vineyards on Sunday to meet up with some friends from work. We were celebrating with Karen (cute girl kissing boy) her last radiation therapy. What an amazing woman she is! She always seems to have that "glow" about her. Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has had an amazing recovery so far. Thank you for good friends.

what a crazy bunch of new and old friends...

note to self: I should definitely check out more of the wine trail. This vineyard was simple and beautiful. Not to mention that the weather was gorgeous! Maybe one day I'll start up a new thought.

I did hower almost complete today's to-do list.

1. I finished grocery shopping for Hudson's b-day party and for the next month (because I HATE grocery shopping.) I went yesterday and after I got in line I remembered that I had already forgotten to get atleast a handful of items that I needed. I was sick of shopping for the day so we went back to Kroger today and finished up. Yes, I absolutely HATE grocery shopping. Truth is that sometimes I go and only make it through 1 or 2 isles and then go home. It's bad. I need therapy!

2. I mailed the bows I had made for a customer, but forgot to put my new business cards in there. oops! atleast they got mailed.

3. I made a few more orange & blue bows and Halloween ones too. Now I need to sell them!

I still need to book a hotel for the Nashville Flea market. I am sooooo excited that I finally am going instead of talking and dreaming about it for years. It better be worth it!!!!!!

weekend full of fun!

This weekend was a busy, but fun one! Carterville has its annual Free Fair. Not too sure what's free about it anymore though. The baby show winners, Avery & baby Brandt rode in their baby "float" that Donna and I decorated. They of course looked darling. But as you scroll down notice what they are doing...

Of yes, they both fell asleep during the parade!!!! It's hard being beautiful I guess. Donna & I should have been the ones asleep in the wagon after pullling them through C'ville. It was hot hot hot Saturday.

Here is Hudson eating after returning home from the fair. I don't know what it is about this little guy, but he always has to eat before he goes to sleep. He is the pickiest eater that you will ever meet. Picky about what he eats, where he eats, and when he eats. You can't tell by looking at him, he is as healthy as they get! Which I am thankful for, but please God encourage the poor boy to try some different food or he will end up being a string cheese stick!

I took pics of them riding carnival rides, but they didn't turn out as good as these. I believe this was Avery's favorite ride...the swing in the park. I guess that's what is "free" at the Free Fair.

See you next year Free Fair....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dry erase calendar

remember when I showed you pictures of these? And you wondered why I have been frame crazy...

Well, I knew my family needed one of these! We were in desperate need of a family calendar for all of our activities, work schedules, and such. I took the largest frame and spray painted it RED because that's my accent color in the basement. Kevin then cut down a piece of dry erase board to fit the frame. We knew we needed permanent lines for the calendar, so we searched and searched for something and came up with label maker tape! Kevin is really good at measuring and making it look perfect so that was his job too! It's funny because I get all of these crazy ideas in my head, but he actually does alot them. I need to learn how to use the saw and things. I am obsessed with Danielle Hirsch from HGTV. I would love to have her knowledge and job!

Baby contest winners!

Here is "Lucy" winning 1st place at the C'ville Free Fair pageant. She was a little ham. It wasn't Avery Lucille up there, but little "Lucy" came out. She was all over the place trying to walk off the stage and doing her little squeal that could damage anyone's eardrums! But she is my little Lucy and we love her.

Baby Brandt won too! Here are the winners together with my cousin Donna. Isn't he the cutest you have ever seen! Donna made his hat and tie onesie. Too stinkin' cute! Avery loves Donna. You can't tell can you?

Also this past weekend we had our annual family reunion. I don't have too many pics because I ended up with the stomach bug and wasn't feeling up to being a photographer.

Avery & Auntie Roxie

Hunter & Avery in the tub

Remember the cute Saluki dress I told you that my cousin Donna whipped up for Avery just because. Here it is! I love it love it love it!!!!!
The picture is kind of dark so I will try to take some better ones the next time she wears it. The front says "Saluki Girl" and the back is so cute saying "out of your league".

Lovin' my new shoes!

avery is loving her new pink converse tennis shoes. she has been running around the house in them since I tried them on her. I think she looks precious.

Look mommy I found my shadow and my shoe strings.

She is walking so well now that she is practically running. It's hard for me to get pictures of her from the front because she's too darn quick!

Friday, September 4, 2009

First home football game.

Tonight we headed to the first home highschool football game. It's our tradition to walk to the game and tailgate with friends from church. Of course, little Miss Thing had to have a cute orange and blue Carterville Lions dress. I made it this week and had her name embroidered across the front with a paw print. I love it. Here she is hanging out with her girlfriends, Megan and Natalie. Don't they look sweet? I have more photos, but of course they will only come up side ways. I need to take blog 101. If anyone has any ideas let me know ASAP! I always take vertical pics so it's driving me nutso!

PS. My cousin Donna made Avery this really cute Saluki dress and I can't wait to show it off.
stay tuned....