Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby contest winners!

Here is "Lucy" winning 1st place at the C'ville Free Fair pageant. She was a little ham. It wasn't Avery Lucille up there, but little "Lucy" came out. She was all over the place trying to walk off the stage and doing her little squeal that could damage anyone's eardrums! But she is my little Lucy and we love her.

Baby Brandt won too! Here are the winners together with my cousin Donna. Isn't he the cutest you have ever seen! Donna made his hat and tie onesie. Too stinkin' cute! Avery loves Donna. You can't tell can you?

Also this past weekend we had our annual family reunion. I don't have too many pics because I ended up with the stomach bug and wasn't feeling up to being a photographer.

Avery & Auntie Roxie

Hunter & Avery in the tub

Remember the cute Saluki dress I told you that my cousin Donna whipped up for Avery just because. Here it is! I love it love it love it!!!!!
The picture is kind of dark so I will try to take some better ones the next time she wears it. The front says "Saluki Girl" and the back is so cute saying "out of your league".

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