Monday, March 22, 2010

What girls do when boys fish...

Well, first we try to watch up close. But we never touch the worm. GROSS!

As we sit down we continue to talk to the boys and ask questions. Then the boredom kicks in.
So we E.A.T. all the snacks in the tackle box that grandma & grandpa put in there.

Well, then mommy chases this cute little girl up and down the bank.( She was not enjoying herself.) so...
we ended up in the truck watching out the window.
1. It was a confined space.
2. It was warm.
3. There was music.

and we could still see OUR boys.

Aren't they the cutest boys ever? I'm kind of in love with them...ALOT.

Bows, bows, and more bows...

I have been making alot of bows lately for cute little girlies.Here are a few of them.

John Deere bows for baby Livy

Coker pigtail bows for Hannah

I made Hudson a picture board for his pictures of him and his buddies. I'm not sure if he's noticed yet or not. I need to hang it on the wall!

I HEART fabric!!!!

Coming soon....

It reminds me of Spring/Summer and it's going to be the perfect colors for my next project.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break at home...

We didn't go on vacation this Spring Break, but we did do this...
I had Avery's 18 month pictures done (times 2 attempts).
This picture is taken after we got home from attempt one. It didn't go so swell. Avery decided to be scared of the camera. YIKES! Not good when you have me for a mommy. :)
This is Avery's favorite spot in the house, our front window seat. She loves to look outside and knock on the window and yell at people, birds, animals, etc.

Hudson, however, did get to go to North Carolina with Grandma and Grandpa Chapman.
Later in the week, we headed to St.Louis to hang out with some friends at the zoo and the Magic House.
Future pianist?

Future mechanic?

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

All church birthday party...

Our church plans a birthday party for all church members every year in February. Every year either the men or women of the church hosts 12 tables for each month of the year. This year was the men's turn (which means the wives' help them out) and the theme was Disney movies. It was so much fun for the youngest in our church to the very oldest. Look how cute the Cinderella table is with the magic "wand" and the cute little mouse! This table was my favorite. I love those girly colors!
Lady and the tramp was the October table. They had chex mix in a doggie dish for "kibbles and bits". Of course, they served spaghetti and meatballs. The garlic smelled de-lish throughout the church.
Guess who's table this is?

You got it! It's my hubby's Toy Story table. (Why does Hudson have that deer in the headlight face on?)

and you know this mamma can't go anywhere unless her kiddos match the party. I made Avery this pillowcase dress to match the Buzz Lightyear undershirt. Hudson has a Buzz and Woody shirt on too, but you know I can never get him to sit still long enough to get a picture!

Just a little something...

Do you see this model stance?

I love these 2 little peeps.

Even if they are rotten!