Thursday, February 25, 2010

Right now...


the thought of planting flowers in the next month or two. I'm getting Spring fever bad! I can't wait to plant these dahlias in my front flower beds.
I'm totally into appliques on kids' tees. I think Hudson needs this. And I think that it will be a shirt that he will agree on too.
I love these colors. Again...Spring fever. It reminds me of warmer weather with all of the bright colors. I could look at fabric over and over again. I'm obsessed!

Last but not least...I HEART these flowers and the whole planning of THE wedding. My cousin (aka Auntie Rossie) is getting married this October. Now Kevin says that it is NOT my wedding, but we all know that when girls get together it's THEIR wedding. I can't stop looking at wedding blogs. I thought that craft blogs were blogs are even more!

pics from and stylemepretty wedding blog! Thanks for the inspiration.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bottles out...

sippy cups only. We are completing day three! Alot easier than what I had excepted.

Little Miss Punky Brewster.

I've made a few items in the past few weeks. Like this matching outfit and bow for Lily.

They live in California so I thought bright floral pattern would be great. By the way, that's a fabric flower on the onesie!

Look at this little bowler

They even had her size of bowling shoes! You've got to have the shoes!!!

A few things off the list...

Can you even believe it????!!!!
I got things done today!!!
woot woot!!!!
(before this post I finished #1 on the list)

The organizers are on the wall instead of the table. If you could see my face right now you would see the biggest smile EVER. And I accomplished this by myself (during nap/quiet time).

Then nap time was over and mommy tried to complete some more projects...
well that didn't go over too well. Good Avery decided to color. LOVELY

Bad Avery colored on her chairs and table.
turned and look at me.
then turned and acted like she was wiping it off.

as if that made it better. Good thing they are black and can be repainted.

She really likes to color these days. It's a lifesaver at restaurants.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I am the way I am...

Sometimes I wonder why I dress my kiddos to the nines everyday. And I'm sure some of you wonder the same thing. Well I have found the answer!

Here are some pictures of me about 29 years ago (oops just told my age!)

Note: check out the outfit and matching booties. Too darn cute!

And here is Miss Avery.
Note: check out the cute booties again!

Here I am again...keep looking.

Yup, I'm stylin' some cute shoes and my hair is up with a ribbon. Obviously we didn't wear BIG hairbows back then or I am sure I would have had one.

I think these last 2 pics of me and Avery look a lot alike. What do you think?

Ok, enough fun. Now off for some serious overdue crafting!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just one good pic...please.

I just wanted to get one good pic of Avery yesterday to show how you can wear summer clothes in the winter too! I have so many cute summer dresses that I want her to wear, but if she doesn't wear them soon...they will have to be shirts! I actually think a few can be worn as babydoll like tanks this summer. summer dress+tights+long sleeve onesie=1 HOT outfit (well for a 1 year old)

"quick taking pictures of me mommy"

"bye bye"

"here's my paci"

"I just want to be right next to my brubbie, even if he doesn't want me there!"

Avie Lu's custom hairbows

I feel special because I have a business card (even though it is for being a crafty mommy)!
Yes, I am a dork!
No comment please. :)


If interested in any of theses styles or have something else in mind let me know.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


What happened to my sweet little innocent child?
I think she just turned into a tornado and went through her clothes.
Mommy was NOT happy about this!

After not finding something she was apparently looking for,
she decided to go through her armoire with her shoes and blankets.
She just looked at it when I asked what had happened and why it happened?
Like it wasn't her fault!
That little stinker.

Guess what this means?
The bedroom doors stay closed along with the bathroom doors. You don't even want to know what happens when she gets into there!

Think SPRING!!!!!

I had to share my tulips that I received from my secret sister at church.

I finally made something for little man. He is into this "hunting" thing right now (it's a daddy thing). Daddy even helped by making the block letters. He is really good at that (no tracing).

Yes, Avie Lu has found some cars to play with in her brother's room. She has been rotten over the last couple of days. I will show you pics of that subject later. Here's another one of her V-day skirts

I love how the ruffle heart turned out. So cute!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day with the ones you love!!!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

When are these going to leave my cabinet?

The ninie(nin-e) is what we call them. Whatever you want to call it, I can't get Avery to go to sleep without it. I've tried and tried and I just want her to sleep so

Maybe not the best idea, but she has been doing pretty well at sleeping and I don't want to mess that up. I have tried to water down her milk and also just give her water, but this chicka can not be tricked. She wants the milk. Then she is pretty happy...
like this little face tonight.
After bathtime, we read a book in her bedroom floor. Usually this one about Jesus healing the little girl. She points and says "Jesus". So cute.

then we pack up the ninie, pacifier, blanket, and a baby to the crib.

and she usually does pretty good after that.
Except right now...she crying.

I guess that's my call to get off the computer.
Good night.

Valentine's skirts

I had some extra material from another Valentine's outfit my girlfriend made Avery so I thought I would make her a bubble skirt. Here's how MY version of the bubble skirt turned out...not too shabby.
Avery kept trying to check out the panda bear on her shirt this morning before church and then...
later in the day she took her bow out and I caught her giving this panda kisses.

And because these shirts are pretty cheap at TarJay I couldn't pass them up. Now that I finally have the V-day shirts done it's time to get started on the St.Patty's day shirts(maybe I will get them done on time too!)

Because I was working with fabric scraps, I made this cute ruffle and placed it on the skirt in a heart pattern for some extra texture. I loved how it turned out!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just thinking about what to do...NEXT.

I have no idea what to do with this room! See those shelves with junk sitting on them (that Avery isn't suppose to get into)? One of my biggest pet peeves is that! I don't like everything that kids are not to get into put up on top of the refridgerator, shelves, computer armoire, or dresser. It drives me CRAZIER than I already am. I am wanting to keep the same colors and theme, but with a new comforter and some artwork. I think we may ditch the shelves!
Speaking of my pet peeve...I already have cleared the top of the fridge this week, cleaned out the toys, cleared off the top of the armoire, the top of Hudson's dresser and his top and bottom "junk" drawers of his dresser AND the top of his closet. Yes, there were toys stashed away on the top of his closet! Good grief!

Avery's little room is decorated perfect! Why can't boys' rooms be just as easy?

I wander if making Hudson's name on his wall would be too girly in his room? He is getting older you know.

There is my little chipmunk reading her book. My favorite part of her room is that armoire that I redone. I bought it at a yard sale the summer before I was even pregnant! I knew I needed it for some reason. After a few coats of cream pant and some pink toile fabric in the inserts, it's FABULOUS!

Well we are off to Mickey D's for some play time! Well after I get this little girl dressed...