Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's skirts

I had some extra material from another Valentine's outfit my girlfriend made Avery so I thought I would make her a bubble skirt. Here's how MY version of the bubble skirt turned out...not too shabby.
Avery kept trying to check out the panda bear on her shirt this morning before church and then...
later in the day she took her bow out and I caught her giving this panda kisses.

And because these shirts are pretty cheap at TarJay I couldn't pass them up. Now that I finally have the V-day shirts done it's time to get started on the St.Patty's day shirts(maybe I will get them done on time too!)

Because I was working with fabric scraps, I made this cute ruffle and placed it on the skirt in a heart pattern for some extra texture. I loved how it turned out!

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