Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to the LONGEST post ever! DISNEY BABY!!!!!

We went on vacation a few weeks ago to the most magical place on earth...DISNEY WORLD!
We all had a blast...yes, even the adults! It was Darien and Avery's first time to visit. This is the first day at Disney in the picture below. We went to EPCOT. I love this time of year there because they have their flower and garden shows. The "flower characters" are AWESOME. I'm kind of a dork about flowers and gardening though. I also go to see Lisa Laporta from Design to Sell on HGTV.
Avery met almost ALL of the princesses. She wasn't a big fan of the characters like Mickey & Minnie, but the princesses amazed her. She loved all of them that had gloves on. It was cute because she would just stand there and rub and touch their gloves. I guess I need to get some for my little princess.

We went to the Magic Kingdom the second day or "the castle one." They had "magic" hours that day until 3am! We stayed until 1:30 am!!! We were exhausted but were able to do alot of extra things without a long wait.
Avery were a different Disney outfit each day. Thanks to my girlfriend over at Lois Jean's Linens! Below is a picture while we were waiting to ride the magic carpet. Avery liked alot of the rides, but enjoyed the shows even more...and the icecream!
This is a half good picture of Avery with Minnie & Mickey. She was so SCARED of them. She wasn't crying in this picture, but I think she had her "feef" (pacifier) in her mouth. More to come on that subject...hopefully it will be gone by Easter.

Peace out! The 3rd day we checked out Hollywood Studios or as I know it as MGM. I don't know why they change things because it's hard for me to not call it MGM. We watched the Muppet 3D show. I remember watching it when I was a little girl. Avery had her glasses on and would try to reach out and grab at things, it was cracking me up! We ate at Pizza Planet and met Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. Hudson rode Tower or Terror, how I don't know! I can't do that stuff!!! We also watched "The Little Mermaid" show and ate dinner at the Sci-fi diner where you eat in car booths.

My favorite place that we ate at during vacation was at the Polynesian resort at a restaurant called Ohana. It was scrumptious!!! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Not only was the food delicious, but they had a lady that entertained our children by playing music, dancing, and having coconut races! It was so funny to watch the kids do this. They also had an open grill so you could watch them cook.
My mom and I got "layed"!

Avery playing at the "Honey, I shrunk the kids" playground at Hollywood Studios.
Hudson's favorite movie when he was younger was "CARS" and he still loves that movie and all of the characters. We are excited for the new "CARS" movie coming out in June. My husband is too because he has it on his phone calendar. We are planning on taking the kids and Darien & Mom to Holiday World and then to the IMAX in Evansville for the opening of the movie. Darien's birthday is the day after so I think that sounds like a pretty awesome birthday gift!!!

This picture is just too cute! Here are all of the BOYS and AVERY that were in our group. It seems like most of our friends just have boys, so it's always the boys and Avery. They better get ready for the "girlie" birthday parties we have coming up...hint PRINCESS.
Avery & Jasmine & Aladdin...the shortest line to see the princesses. I think we waited 15 minutes.

Avery showing off her animal print dress by Lois Jean's Linens at the Animal Kingdom. She liked Rafiki.

We also went to Sea world 2 days while we were in Florida. Avery and Hudson are really into sea creatures, so they had alot of fun looking and touching some of the animals.
Behind Avery you can see a real shark swimming past. You walked through this aquarium tunnel with tons of sharks swimming around. Hudson was in heaven.

I like this picture of my boys because Hudson is showing me what he looked like while riding Mt.Everest roller coaster. He was not scared at all to ride all of the fast rides.

My family was obsessed with the real ducks at Disney, like the mallards. And Hudson wanted his picture made with one character...guess who? Yep, Donald DUCK!!!

Happy St.Patrick's Day from the kids! I made all of the kids matching St.Patty's day Mickey shirts. Not only did the kids have them, but the girls did too! The men did not want to participate in this. HA!

Check this out!!! Yes, my little Avie Lu loves sunglasses. Good thing Target had different colors for $1 before we left!

Avery giving Nathan some LOVE! Poor Nathan didn't know what to do!!!

The loooongest wait to see a princess was for RAPUNZEL! Next to Belle, she is Avery's favorite. Thank you Ya-Ya for waiting 1 1/2 hours so that we could meet her.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Bring on MARCH!

Hudson has played his first year of Upward basketball. Daddy coached and I don't know which one loves b-ball more! Hudson was so funny, because he always wanted to bring the ball in the court and go to the right side of the basket and shoot. He never went to the left side. I guess it has something to do with being right handed. I was hoping for one of my kids to follow after me and be a lefty, but it's not looking too good at this point.

Hudson looks so silly in this pic, but I have to post this because here recently these two have not been getting along too well.  FYI, 4 year difference in age is not good.

Not the best pic of my momma and I but there are not too many of us together. Last Saturday we went to a ladies lunch at my cousin Donna's church. It was nice for me and mom to get away like that and visit with our family.
Each lady in the church that participated had to decorate their table that seated 7 and "serve" us. My cousin did a FABULOUS job. She is very CREATIVE...and most things were "thrifty" finds which of course makes me love it even more. Isn't this the cutest idea with the umbrela and the crystals hanging as the raindrops!!

I look forward in going next year. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
PS. Do you see the flower pins on my mom and aunt's shirt? She made them with fabric and we each had one as a party favor. IN LOVE with mine...I wore it the whole day and had many compliments. If anyone is interested in one let me know and I can give you her contact info. Keep posted because we are leaving for DISNEY soon! I hope to blog from there everyday with what we are doing (if I'm not totally exhausted each day.) If not, I will be posting on Facebook daily.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I thought I would play a get to know you game and answer a survey I found on someone elses blog

1. Full Name

Elizabeth Annette

2. Favorite Movie

The Notebook or Cold Mountain or 8 seconds (sorry can't pick just one)

3. Favorite drink


4. Celebrity Crush

I like Kevin Spacey as an actor but I wouldn't call it a crush. Maybe Justin from Bro & Sisters

5. Name of your pet

Gidget McQueen

6. Grandmothers name

elizabeth & annette  hmmm...wonder where I got my name????

7. First job

waitress at Vi's Cafe

8. Town in which you live

Carterville!!!! GO LIONS

9. Town in which you were born


10. A bad habit

I pretend like I'm asleep so my husband will get up with my daughter on early mornings!

11. Last name


12. Favorite animal

chimps at the zoo

13. Favorite Food

Chicken n' dumplings and coconut cream pie

14. Favorite freezer food

cheap salsibury steak...mmmmm!

15. Favorite mascara

Mary Kay

16. Favorite shampoo

I'm into Pantene right now, I switch it up about every 6mo

17. Most prized possession

Other than my family, my wedding just completes me.

18. Favorite place outside of the US

I guess I will say Mexico because that's the only place outside of the US I've been.

19.Favorite nail polish

reddish-orange on my toenails and dark maroon/black on my fingernails.

20. Favorite place to buy jeans

JC Penny  ANA brand (I like cheap and comfort)

21. Favorite vacation

Disney World when my son was 18 months and we are on our way there in a week.

22. Favorite place in the US


23. Age on your next birthday

do I have to say....29 for the second time

24. Favorite yogurt and flavor

blueberry or cherry

25. Favorite fiction book

Janet Evanovich

26. Favorite fiction christian book

Left Behind series

27. Time you get up in the morning

Depends on the day, but usually between 6:30-7:30

28. Sea creature that scares you


29. Who are you annoyed with.

Smokers that smoke right outside the doors! Walk away far away...YOU.ARE.RUDE.

30. Movie in DVD player right now

Beauty in the Beast in the car and Toy Story 3 telling what's in the downstairs player.

31. Last movie you bought

Toy Story 3

32. Dream Job

Staying at home with my kiddos 6 days a week and have my own boutique.

33. Side of bed you sleep on

right side

34. What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island with the person you hate the most?
I'm not too sure there is anyone that I hate, but I really can't stand Ellen Degeneres so I would find something to make earmuffs with so I didn't have to listen to her crazy laugh and annoying jokes.

35. Biggest dream

Making a difference in unfortunate kids lives

36. Magazines you subscribe to

Parenting, Family Fun, Cath Lab digest, and BHG

37. Can you name all the Spice Girls

Ginger, Posh, Sporty, Scary and Baby

38. Favorite all time TV show


39. Can you use chopsticks

No, I'm too impatient

40. Currently planning a trip


41. Last thing that made you cry

Talking with my patient tonight about my cousin that passed away 1 1/2 years ago. I didn't know until the end of the shift that she knew him and saw him hours before his accident.

42. Best thing about winter

Snuggling on the couch and watching the snow fall

43. Ever sat through Gone With the Wind

No. Never seen it

44. What do you order at McDonald's.
Double cheeseburger dressed like a mac and a large COKE
I love the caramel frappe too!

45. Dumbest thing you ever did with your cell phone

can't think of anything dumb

46. Your plans for Saturday

Women's luncheon at Life church, pedicure, and trivia with friends

47. Car you drive

Black Tahoe

48. Perfume you wear

Burberry Brit or Love at first sight from VS

49. Favorite Shoes

black ruffle heels

50. Jacob or Edward

I'll pass on both...Jake is a cuter name though
Thanks Jennifer for the idea!