Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

We have a family tradition to decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. You guessed it...that's what we have been doing at the Chapman's. Hudson and Kevin decorated outside today placing the spotlights and wreaths in the right place (so much easier than lights and classier if you ask me!) We got this idea from driving around in the in-law's neighborhood in TN. Everyone had spotlights and wreaths and it looked simply beautiful to me so we have been doing it ever since. Hudson is such a big help this year with decorating the tree. He would have decorated the whole thing, but I had to help so the ornaments were evenly placed!
Little pants helped too, although she wanted to take the ornaments off rather than place them on the tree. We are going to have a looooong holiday season in this house!

This morning we had a special part in the first Sunday of Advent service. So of course we had to all be color coordinated (I know I am don't have to remind me!) I made Avery that cute ribbon pin on her coat. It was so easy and is perfect if you have scrap ribbon.

Here's to kicking off the holiday season!

Monday, November 16, 2009

and this little piggy went to the market...

Guess who is wearing pigtails these days? YES, AVERY FINALLY!
It seems like it has taken F.O.R.E.V.E.R for her to grow some hair. Hudson already needed a haircut by this age. Even though she is sporting piggies these days, the bow/headband combo looks good with the piggies.
Well gotta go. We are off to do some shopping.
Oh by the way, it's a good day to wear rainboots if you haven't been out!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Saluki Home Game at McAndrew Stadium

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL! It was wonderful weather for a football and tailgating in SI!
Here is Miss Sassy Pants with my glasses on. She thought she was hot stuff!
And of course she is...look for Avery in the Daily Egyptian this week. I was only gone for 2 min. and when I came back they were taking pics of her and my mom's friend's daughter, Aspen. We are hoping that Aspen can be a new babysitter if she's willing to change some stinky diapers!
Here's our girl and the men in her life...
her daddy and her papa.

Did you see who can wear pigtails now? YEAH!!! She is getting more hair so that people don't say..."look at that cute little boy!"

Hudson & Darien played football at the tailgate. Hudson is getting pretty good at catching the ball. I can't believe I snapped this pic as soon as he caught it. He says he wants to throw the football and be the quarterback though. that's my boy!

Hope everyone had a lovely Fall weekend. I want to hear about it...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know I know...I'm a dork.

Little Minnie Pearl

Here are a couple pics of the kiddos. I need to upload new photos from the camera...but you got it- I'm too lazy tonight!

My little director

The hubster painted the kid's table and chair set that I bought at a yard sale this summer. I can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow. Angie let me borrow her sprayer that hooks up to the air compressor (fancy heh?) I'll post pics asap!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and catch up!

Well we FINALLY have the internet AGAIN! We changed providers and it took a little to get it up and going. We even went to Mickey D's to catch up on internet time this week! Hey the kids enjoyed their Happy Meals and mommy & daddy caught up on e-mails!

Here's #1 kid in his "jinja" turtle costume thanks to Melissa. It is the coolest homemade Ninja Turtle costume ever! And she found it at a yard sale...even better! Hudson loved it. He tried it on atleast 20 times the day before trick or treating!

Drum roll please.....dumdumdumdumdum.......HERE'S LUCY! Isn't she the cutest Lucille Ball that you have ever seen? Well I'm sure there weren't too many out there anyways!

On Sunday, we headed to Bandy's pumpkin patch with church friends. Avery liked sitting on all of the pumpkins and Hudson loved the corn that you could play in. We had a great time! Although Monday Avery started sneezing and had a bad runny nose thanks to the hayride! yikes!!!!!! She is all better now.
This picture of Hudson cracks me up because it looks like just a head in a pile of corn! But his eyes are BEAUTIFUL in this pic!

Soon I will share Hudson's 5 year old pictures. They turned out awesome as usual. And I'm working on some cutesy kids clothes. stay tuned....