Monday, March 7, 2011

Bring on MARCH!

Hudson has played his first year of Upward basketball. Daddy coached and I don't know which one loves b-ball more! Hudson was so funny, because he always wanted to bring the ball in the court and go to the right side of the basket and shoot. He never went to the left side. I guess it has something to do with being right handed. I was hoping for one of my kids to follow after me and be a lefty, but it's not looking too good at this point.

Hudson looks so silly in this pic, but I have to post this because here recently these two have not been getting along too well.  FYI, 4 year difference in age is not good.

Not the best pic of my momma and I but there are not too many of us together. Last Saturday we went to a ladies lunch at my cousin Donna's church. It was nice for me and mom to get away like that and visit with our family.
Each lady in the church that participated had to decorate their table that seated 7 and "serve" us. My cousin did a FABULOUS job. She is very CREATIVE...and most things were "thrifty" finds which of course makes me love it even more. Isn't this the cutest idea with the umbrela and the crystals hanging as the raindrops!!

I look forward in going next year. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
PS. Do you see the flower pins on my mom and aunt's shirt? She made them with fabric and we each had one as a party favor. IN LOVE with mine...I wore it the whole day and had many compliments. If anyone is interested in one let me know and I can give you her contact info. Keep posted because we are leaving for DISNEY soon! I hope to blog from there everyday with what we are doing (if I'm not totally exhausted each day.) If not, I will be posting on Facebook daily.

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