Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just thinking about what to do...NEXT.

I have no idea what to do with this room! See those shelves with junk sitting on them (that Avery isn't suppose to get into)? One of my biggest pet peeves is that! I don't like everything that kids are not to get into put up on top of the refridgerator, shelves, computer armoire, or dresser. It drives me CRAZIER than I already am. I am wanting to keep the same colors and theme, but with a new comforter and some artwork. I think we may ditch the shelves!
Speaking of my pet peeve...I already have cleared the top of the fridge this week, cleaned out the toys, cleared off the top of the armoire, the top of Hudson's dresser and his top and bottom "junk" drawers of his dresser AND the top of his closet. Yes, there were toys stashed away on the top of his closet! Good grief!

Avery's little room is decorated perfect! Why can't boys' rooms be just as easy?

I wander if making Hudson's name on his wall would be too girly in his room? He is getting older you know.

There is my little chipmunk reading her book. My favorite part of her room is that armoire that I redone. I bought it at a yard sale the summer before I was even pregnant! I knew I needed it for some reason. After a few coats of cream pant and some pink toile fabric in the inserts, it's FABULOUS!

Well we are off to Mickey D's for some play time! Well after I get this little girl dressed...

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