Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 years ago, 1 year ago, and right now...

Two years ago we were remodelling our kitchen. Yes, I was a hormonal pregnant lady wanting to sand and paint all the cabinets and get new fixtures, faucet, countertop, and sink! It took a couple of months and with help from my dad, my little man, and Kevin...we finished!

Do you see the little man working hard inside the cabinet?

Also, we became parents to this little girl. First named Gabby and a month later changed to Gidget (too hard to call for her when our neighbor's dog is Abby!) Instantly Hudson and Gidget (fomerly Gabby) became best buds!

One year ago, our little princess was 6 months and getting quite the personality as you can see! This is also the photo shoot that captured her 4th place pic for the SIH baby contest! Sears...you've gotta love them! Which reminds me that I need to call to get an appt for her 18 month pics. She is growing so quickly, not to mention Hudson too! I recently went through their closets and I think I packed away half their clothes! No worries they still have enough to wear that I could dress them for months without the same outfit! I LOVE KID'S CLOTHES!

And presently...

Hudson loves playing outside and building snowmen, sledding down the driveway, and throwing snowballs at PaPa and daddy. (It must have been sunny with that cute expression!)

and Coca-Cola Queen still will do ANYTHING for a drink of Coke! She is so much like her momma!

Let's think SPRING and warm weather!!!!!

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