Thursday, February 25, 2010

Right now...


the thought of planting flowers in the next month or two. I'm getting Spring fever bad! I can't wait to plant these dahlias in my front flower beds.
I'm totally into appliques on kids' tees. I think Hudson needs this. And I think that it will be a shirt that he will agree on too.
I love these colors. Again...Spring fever. It reminds me of warmer weather with all of the bright colors. I could look at fabric over and over again. I'm obsessed!

Last but not least...I HEART these flowers and the whole planning of THE wedding. My cousin (aka Auntie Rossie) is getting married this October. Now Kevin says that it is NOT my wedding, but we all know that when girls get together it's THEIR wedding. I can't stop looking at wedding blogs. I thought that craft blogs were blogs are even more!

pics from and stylemepretty wedding blog! Thanks for the inspiration.

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