Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I am the way I am...

Sometimes I wonder why I dress my kiddos to the nines everyday. And I'm sure some of you wonder the same thing. Well I have found the answer!

Here are some pictures of me about 29 years ago (oops just told my age!)

Note: check out the outfit and matching booties. Too darn cute!

And here is Miss Avery.
Note: check out the cute booties again!

Here I am again...keep looking.

Yup, I'm stylin' some cute shoes and my hair is up with a ribbon. Obviously we didn't wear BIG hairbows back then or I am sure I would have had one.

I think these last 2 pics of me and Avery look a lot alike. What do you think?

Ok, enough fun. Now off for some serious overdue crafting!

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