Friday, September 11, 2009

Dry erase calendar

remember when I showed you pictures of these? And you wondered why I have been frame crazy...

Well, I knew my family needed one of these! We were in desperate need of a family calendar for all of our activities, work schedules, and such. I took the largest frame and spray painted it RED because that's my accent color in the basement. Kevin then cut down a piece of dry erase board to fit the frame. We knew we needed permanent lines for the calendar, so we searched and searched for something and came up with label maker tape! Kevin is really good at measuring and making it look perfect so that was his job too! It's funny because I get all of these crazy ideas in my head, but he actually does alot them. I need to learn how to use the saw and things. I am obsessed with Danielle Hirsch from HGTV. I would love to have her knowledge and job!

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