Monday, September 14, 2009

weekend full of fun!

This weekend was a busy, but fun one! Carterville has its annual Free Fair. Not too sure what's free about it anymore though. The baby show winners, Avery & baby Brandt rode in their baby "float" that Donna and I decorated. They of course looked darling. But as you scroll down notice what they are doing...

Of yes, they both fell asleep during the parade!!!! It's hard being beautiful I guess. Donna & I should have been the ones asleep in the wagon after pullling them through C'ville. It was hot hot hot Saturday.

Here is Hudson eating after returning home from the fair. I don't know what it is about this little guy, but he always has to eat before he goes to sleep. He is the pickiest eater that you will ever meet. Picky about what he eats, where he eats, and when he eats. You can't tell by looking at him, he is as healthy as they get! Which I am thankful for, but please God encourage the poor boy to try some different food or he will end up being a string cheese stick!

I took pics of them riding carnival rides, but they didn't turn out as good as these. I believe this was Avery's favorite ride...the swing in the park. I guess that's what is "free" at the Free Fair.

See you next year Free Fair....

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