Monday, September 14, 2009

Good friends Good wine Great times!

Headed to Orlandini Vineyards on Sunday to meet up with some friends from work. We were celebrating with Karen (cute girl kissing boy) her last radiation therapy. What an amazing woman she is! She always seems to have that "glow" about her. Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has had an amazing recovery so far. Thank you for good friends.

what a crazy bunch of new and old friends...

note to self: I should definitely check out more of the wine trail. This vineyard was simple and beautiful. Not to mention that the weather was gorgeous! Maybe one day I'll start up a new thought.

I did hower almost complete today's to-do list.

1. I finished grocery shopping for Hudson's b-day party and for the next month (because I HATE grocery shopping.) I went yesterday and after I got in line I remembered that I had already forgotten to get atleast a handful of items that I needed. I was sick of shopping for the day so we went back to Kroger today and finished up. Yes, I absolutely HATE grocery shopping. Truth is that sometimes I go and only make it through 1 or 2 isles and then go home. It's bad. I need therapy!

2. I mailed the bows I had made for a customer, but forgot to put my new business cards in there. oops! atleast they got mailed.

3. I made a few more orange & blue bows and Halloween ones too. Now I need to sell them!

I still need to book a hotel for the Nashville Flea market. I am sooooo excited that I finally am going instead of talking and dreaming about it for years. It better be worth it!!!!!!

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