Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My cousin, Roxie, emailed me this to add to my blog. She wanted to be a "guest" blogger. This sweet paragraph brought tears to my eyes...because remembering how exciting but scared I was that day 5 years ago. So get the Kleenex box out, here we go...

Wow! Hudson is a 5 year old little boy now. I can’t believe it! It really does seem like yesterday that I was in the lobby trying to study for a Spanish test when he came barrelling into our lives. The bad news was that I did not pass that stinkn’ test, but my heart never felt warmer than it did that night. Since he was a preemie, it was hard watching Beth and Kevin just looking at this amazing gift that could not yet be opened. Beth explained it as it being Christmas morning when you are a child and not being able to open your presents. Hudson spent some time in the NICU, but eventually came home to be with his mommy and daddy at their newly remodeled home in Carterville. As an Auntie, I have had a front seat view to the stories Hudson’s short 5 years has provided, I can only imagine what his parents are thinking as their little boy turns 5.

Hudson had an amazing day. First on the agenda was taking his cupcake creation in the form of a dragon to school for snack time. Then he came home and helped daddy mow the yard. Later this afternoon, Grandma Jane and Grandpa Larry came to visit on their way home from Branson. They brought him a tackle box for all fishing supplies. Then papa arrived with a remote control car (like he really needed another. but he loves them!) and a huge styrofoam airplane (the best $3 you can spend). Of course, Grandma Shirley stopped by with a brand new power wheel 4 wheeler. Yes, it is big enough for both rugrats to ride on! YES! I think we will be having a yard sale soon. Kevin says the kiddie toys are taking over the garage.

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