Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Remember when...

my baby was this little bity. Five years ago right now I was at the hospital in pre-term labor. My water had broke at 3:30 that afternoon. I was excited. Scared. Worried. I was only 34 weeks. Hudson Arthur Lane Chapman was born at 12:02 am on September 23, 2004. He was 4 lb 15 oz and 18.5 in. long. He immediately was sent to the NICU where he would spend the next 8 days with the best nursing staff that you could ever ask for. My little buckaroo came home on October 1, 2004. We were remodelling our "new" house at the time and still lived in the duplex. Hudson had all of his baby furniture at the new house. So he slept the first night home with us in this laundry basket in the office chair next to the bed. He fit perfectly in that basket all cuddled up. Yes, you guessed it...we moved into our house the very next day. While everyone helped move us, I got to spend time with the newest edition to our family. We never knew how much our lives would change with this little one in it.

Five whole years later, this handsome, smart, funny, and talented child still amazes us each and everyday. Isn't it amazing how time flies by and when you look back at pictures you think to yourself...where has the time gone.

Yes, this is my silly 5 year old. My future Carterville Lion football player. Meteorologist. Dairy farmer. Comedian. Chick magnet. I have no idea what his future holds. But one thing is for sure, his daddy and I will be right there beside him.

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