Friday, January 15, 2010

Recent craft projects

This is what happens when you don't get your way! She wanted to pick out her own shoes...yes folks, she picks out her own. She wanted to wear these Hello Kitty rainboots. Well she got her way, or atleast mommy gave in so I could have my happy baby back.
Isn't this the cutest! This fabric necklace is for my cousin (more like sister), Roxie. I can't wait to get it to her.

I made this for a girlfriend to give for a baby shower gift. It's a Carterville Lions burp cloth and basketball pacifier keeper. It works out great...she watched Avery for me for a couple of hours and I made this for her to give as a gift. I like situations like that.

Avie Lu's new outfit! It's a pink ballerina outfit with ruffle pants. There is also a matching ballet slippers clippie.

And for little Hannah banana...some o' so cute bows.

Off to meet Roxie halfway to Chi-town. See you all later!

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