Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our girl's weekend outing...

halfway to Chi-town~ Tuscola! What a fun little town. The only thing I thought of when I heard the town Tuscola was the OUTLET MALL! But they have a really cute old downtown with shops and this cool "Candy Kitchen" restaurant. I should have taken pics of the inside, but I didn't want to look too touristy! HA! They had AWESOME food and icecream (all homemade I will add!) My favorite. Across the street was this courtyard with a gazebo. Roxie had a brilliant idea that she called me with on the way home about maybe having her wedding there. I thought it was an excellent idea! Well that lasted about an hour and then she text back and said they still wanted tropical.
Here's Rox showing off her gifts. I made all of hers. We decided before Christmas that we would try to do homemade gifts for a change. And we are both crafty and love crafty things it was a perfect idea! Here's her push-pin board made from an old vintage frame and some fabric.
Matching keychain wristlet (not that it had to match, but I like the fabric and had plenty of it.)

and her travel mug and coffee cozy. You can't see the embroidery, but it is personalized with her name. I think she liked it, because the next morning she used it. I know that she stops at Dunkin' Donuts from time to time for some jump juice and I thought the personalized coffee cozy would be perfect.

Next post I will reveal my gifts. I have to take some pics of the kiddos with theirs and do some minor assembly of mine. Not to mention hang up a bunch of new clothes. Gotta love that outlet mall!

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