Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aunt Roxie's gifts

but first....here's Avery "drying" her hair after her bath! Silly girly. She will kill me one day, but isn't that booty just too cute not to squeeze????!!!
For some reason my children never like to get dressed right after a bath. Sometimes I think the water is a hyperactive drug that makes them run around the house naked for 15 min.
Here's Avery showing off her new personalized stool from her Aunt Roxie. By the look on her face I think she likes it. And she knows that she will be able to climb and get into things.

And Hudson is in action using his stool and reading his new dinosaur book from Aunt Roxie. She always buys them books, which I love!

And drum roll please............
My very first diaper cake! Not too shabby huh? I thought it turned out pretty darn cute! And yes, I had to make bows for the cake topper! Thanks Heather for the help!

Off to get the "to-do" list done! :)

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