Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little this and a little of that...

I have an assistant folks! I went get my adapter to upload my pics and this is what I found when I came back to the room.

We've had a lazy Sunday. (Mommy hasn't felt so good and daddy is watching football.) But we did have two adorable visitors come by for a visit. These two kiddos are my cousins 6 month old twins. Little Molly is on the left and Aaron is on the right. hudson doesn't look too thrilled, but he enjoyed holding them. When I asked if he would like two more siblings...he didn't answer. hmmm I wonder what that is suppose to mean? I recently found out a friend of mine is prego with twins, so maybe we can just help her out alot instead of having them ourselves! Works for me.
The annual children's Christmas sing was last weekend at our church. Hudson did a fantastic job saying his part. Which is awesome, because recently he keeps telling us that he's is shy and that's why he won't talk to Santa. He thinks that writing the letter is good enough!
Oh yes, we couldn't forget little britches. Avery didn't do too well standing and singing. She wanted to be a social butterfly and run around the stage and up and down the aisle. She will not be the shy one! This is the best picture I got of her that night.

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