Sunday, December 13, 2009

What happens in ST.Louis

stays in St.Louis, unless you want to blog about it! I had so much fun last weekend on a girls' shopping trip to the Lou. We headed to a purse flea market(wish I had taken pics) early on Saturday morning. I bought 4 purses and 3 wallets. Three of the girls go to church with me, one being my Sunday school teacher. When we were about done at the flea market I said, "This is the devil!" I could have spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on purses.
Then we headed to the St.Louis Mills Mall. I LOVE this mall. Most of the stores are outlets. Cheap and cute. My fav. We were there until closing. You know those people that get carts and push them through the mall? Yeah, I always kind of smirked when I saw them. Well, that was me last weekend. We had so many bags, even after taking some to the car, that we HAD to push carts to hall all of the bags. And it was funny because there were so many people doing the same thing.
BUT, the only thing that other people WERE NOT doing was having cart races through the mall. Let me add that it was NOT the younger girls' idea! Diana (right back) had this crazy idea that we were going to have cart races done the mall. It was a fun time...until we ran into the mall security! GIRLS HAVE GOT TO HAVE SOME FUN THOUGH!

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