Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We had a nice relaxing(somewhat) Thanksgiving last week. My cousin Roxie (girl cheesing in photo below), Jason, my mom, my brother and his girlfriend, Melissa all came over to fill ourselves full! And did we ever... I had to take a picture of Avery eating her first Thanksgiving dinner. She is my little piggy. She just eats, and eats, and keeps eating! Hudson didn't do too bad himself, although he only ate mashed potatoes and mac n' cheese!

After eating we all chilled out for the rest of the day. Avery loves talking on the phone. She is talking with Aunt Roxie in this pic. She thought she was big stuff.

Oh yes, Hudson LOVES phones too...Well let me rephrase that he LOVES Aunt Roxie's IPHONE. Not to talk on it, but to play games. Hudson is getting a big surprise for Christmas...NO he is NOT getting his first cellphone at age 5, but close. But I think mommy & daddy will use it more often.

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