Sunday, May 2, 2010


I learned quite alot while we were on vacation. First and foremost, I love spending time with my family, especially with my hubby since we work alot of opposite work shifts. Sometimes I feel like I am a single parent during the week when we may just see each other in passing. It is a hard struggle for me (and I believe for my husband as well.) We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary while we were in Florida. It was nice to be together for a few days, just us four!
Hudson took this picture of us. We may have a professional photographer living with us. He did an awesome job centering for a 5 year old.

I also learned that 5 year olds get very bored easily and always want to be doing something or asking to do something 24/7! Oh, and I will add this little cutie may ask atleast 1,000 questions a day, no joke. I love to see Kevin teach him how to twirl his thumbs or he tells him that "when I was a boy". I never thought we would be just like our parents, but we are getting there. He ask no less than 500 times the 5 days we were there to go fishing. Now, I know he would have had a blast, but it would had been a $300 fun in about 15 minutes until he was "bored".
Maybe in a few years buddy!
The diva herself was off her routine while we were on vacation (naps, eating, playing,etc). She was not a happy camper unless she was running or playing in the sand. Which would have been wonderful, except when it was nap time she would not sleep on the beach towel on the beach. I thought it was a wonderful idea (mommy was going to get some zzzz's too), but she would only sleep in the pack and play inside the condo. She was not a big fan of the ocean AT All! She loved the sand and she loved the hot tub for some reason. She kept saying "bath". We only let her dip her feet a few times. She was not a fan of the end of the pool with the fountains and dumping pails. She only wanted to walk up and down the steps into the pool. Maybe she will only like to sun bath like her mommy?
Even though she didn't eat the best while on vacation, I don't think she was hurting by any means. Look at those chubby thighs!

We spent out days on the beach or at the pool, walking down the beach or sightseeing, and finding the best place to eat! We ate so many good dishes it was unbelievable! I don't know if the shrimp sandwich or the reuben I ate was better, or maybe the de-lish breakfast food we ate for lunch one day at this cute diner beside the condo.

No matter how many questions I answered, vomit I cleaned up (Avery apparently gets car sick), laundry I've done, clothes I packed and unpacked, sunblock I've applied, no matter I many times I said "eat your food" or "sit down", I had an awesome well spent time on vacation.

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