Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside...

REALLY COLD! It snowed a few days ago and it hasn't gone anywhere! Which is unusual for where we live. Usually it snows and melts within a day or two, but not this time! The temperature has been in the single digits for the past few days. Hopefully by next week it will warm up because...
this little chicka wants to go outside and it's WAY too cold for her. But she loved watching her brubbie and daddy shovel snow.
and so then she entertained me by acting like a baby on her babies' changing table/cradle. hmmm...I think that baby is too big for it!

But she has decided to be a little monkey the past few days and climb on everything. She has climbed on the barstools onto the counter and out of her highchair(Houdini act) onto the counter. She even uses the extra diaper packs to climb and get into her closet and manage to pull out all of her hats and bibs! I'm telling you- I CAN NOT take my eyes off this little girl for 1 second!

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