Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday night

Yup, it's Monday night so guess what's on the TV? You guessed it...FOOTBALL! Not a big fan. So I'm just sittin' here thinking about my little turkeys and how I can't wait to spend the day with them tomorrow.
"Too many cupcakes, too little time" This girl's shirt says it all. Hey...maybe we will bake something tomorrow.

Hudson comes up with the craziest ideas and explanations out of the blue. Tonight he told my mom and I that he is going fishing with his daddy tomorrow so he can't go to Darien's football game. Which in turn means that daddy can't help out with the football game because they will be fishing. He is a little stinker. This is his new art center ($14.99 from IKEA) and his drawing of us in the tent. I'm sure daddy is going to take this little fisherman out tomorrow. How could you say no to that cute face? And I'm sure while daddy and Hudson are fishing. This little girl and I will be playing babies or maybe we will cook something in her "kitchen". Papa bought little Avie a metal pot & pan set and she LOVES the way it sounds when she is playing.

How are you going to spend your day tomorrow?

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