Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chapman weekend recap

Well we have had an eventful weekend full of fun. We started Friday night off going out to eat to Mackie's Pizza. We LOVE the Saluki special pizza and I LOVE the greek salad they have, BUT (there is always a BUT) Hudson always misbehaves when we go there. It's like as soon as he hits the door he has to be doing everything we tell him not to do. He didn't do as bad as prior experiences and he ate well so.....we headed down RT #13 to the SI Bowl. Of course, Hudson stills tells us this is where his papa works (he did a few years ago). And he loves going there and bowling. I don't know if you can check out the score on the screen, but my five year old son and I have the same score! 109 I think we may have a bowler in our fam or I'm just that bad????
It rained practically ALL day on Friday, so when Saturday came Hudson was ready to hit the yard playing. Papa came to visit and helped Hudson make "trails" through the tree line. When papa is down from "bernon" (Mt.Vernon) they are always up to something. They are best buddies for sure!

Little Avie Lu didn't go out much because #1 it was chilly and #2 she was dressed so darn cute I didn't want her to get all dirty! She doesn't mind though. She loves to watch from the window and knock every so often so that they know she's there watching. Aren't those pink boots adorable! yard sale peeps. You can find the cutest things at yardsales! It was my cousin Faith's sale and I think I ended up leaving there a couple of summers ago (when I was still pregnant) with like 8 Kroger sacks full of clothes and accessories! I believe Avery has more than half of Ava's clothes. Hey it's all about recycling right? I just noticed in this picture little Abby Cadaby (baby doll) has it's little hinney showing because Avery pulled her diaper down! Funny!

Well well well what can I say. I had my first high school reunion folks! Yep, 10 year reunion! So Kev and I got all dolled up and had my mom watch the kiddos for us as we headed not very far down the street to see my peeps from HS. Don't we look cute? I really do love this picture of us. We don't really have too many of just the 2 of us and I LOVE it!

He we all are. We graduated with a total of 100 I believe, so as you can see we didn't have a fabulous turnout, but it was definately fun. We have had 2 classmates that are no longer with us. Ben Smith passed away in 2004 while serving our country and Jerry Parsons recently this year from cancer. It is sad to think that they didn't have this opportunity as we did to get together with one another and it makes you thankful for everyday that you are here. I am so thankful for my family and friends. When the days get hectic I am going to try to sit and take a deep breath and think of this more often. Thank you Ben & Jerry for reminding me of this.

Hope everyone has a lovely week!

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