Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm in love....

I'm in love with this outfit that my girlfriend Angie made for Avery this past week! Isn't it the cutest ever???? And to think that girl was nervous about the top! IT'S ADORABLE!
And did I mention that the back says "Boo" and has a little frankenstein?
Little Avie Lu loved walking around in the pants. She just kept dancing around. She's my little girly girl!

Oh yeah, I'm also in LOVE with my new embroidery machine that my mamma bought me!
I love her so much. Happy early birthday & Christmas to me!

Can't wait to show you some projects I've been working on with this new beauty! I've actually been reading my manual. I think I'm going to have to make the girls (Avery, Sydne, & Mia some cute Christmas outfits!)


  1. Yeah avery looks so cute in her outfit!!! I am very excited about the new machine cant wait to try it out :)-

  2. Wow, Beth - that's awesome! Can't wait to see the projects you're working on! Love your Momma.