Monday, August 31, 2009

Look at this face...looks like he's up to no good! Actually he looks just like his daddy when he was little. Same long face. Same quirky smile. This is what I call his "fake" smile. I love that "fake" smile though! I could just kiss it right off! Well here's little Miss Thing. See that purse? She thinks she has to carry a purse or baby around everywhere. I think that it's soooo cute. Who wouldn't?! It's crazy to me that whether your a boy or a girl, you have that instinct. She just knows that she needs to carry her baby and/or her purse everywhere. Even to bed.

Hudson isn't a bad photographer. I thought he was definitely going to be my weather man or a dairy farmer. (stories for another post.) He caught Avery in a moment. It's so cute of her. This was before church on Sunday. We actually were ready like 30 minutes early! That's a first. We had a few extra minutes to snap some pics and to go by Mickey D's for an unsweet tea (with splenda of course) for mommy.

Here is the new swingset. We got a great deal from my co-worker. It's only 2 years old! Hudson loves it, Avery loves it, and all of the neighbor kids love it. I need to get a pic of all of them playing on it next time. Just a thought. ( I'll put that on the next to-do list mentally)

Do you recognize that sweet little baby face in the middle? That is my sweet little Avie Lu! She won 2nd place in the DuQuoin State Fair baby contest in her age group. I was so excited. This is also the picture she won 4th place with the SIH baby contest. She will be coming out in some advertisements for SIH soon! I will keep you all posted of when and where. All of the contests that I enter her in

1. do not have a fee

2. are just for fun

3. do not win any prizes, just bragging rights.

Some of the contests can get a little out of control, and we are not in it for craziness! just for fun.

Ok...well about that to-do list... I think I got 5 out of 10 things done today.

1. get haircut (much needed)

2. 1 birthday gift out of the 3 I need for this weekend. YIKES!
3. Make bows for several people. I believe I stayed up until midnight making bows last night. As soon as I layed my little head down...Miss Thing woke up screaming. She decided to scream and thrash around for like 2 hours or more. TIRING! She either had a belly ache or I think another tooth is on it's way (molar too!) I hate those.

I finished sewing the corn bags for the bagg-o toss redo. Here's my man trying it out. Not bad for finding on the side of the road and repainting, heh?

We also started on some organizational projects...remember the frames? Hopefully I will post pics before the weekend.

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