Saturday, August 29, 2009

Avie Lu's 1st Birthday

My little girl is 1 !!!! WOW...where has the first year gone? We had a swim/watermelon party in our backyard. She loves watermelon so I thought that it would be the perfect theme for her 1st birthday party. (Plus her birthday is in August, so it's a perfect combo.) She loved her cake! She had it ALL over. Good thing we had the kiddie pool out too, we just dipped her in it after she was done eating. :)

I made most of the decorations to save on money and also to be crafty and different. I wish I had better pictures of the tables and banner. The each section on the banner looks like a slice of watermelon with the seeds too! The tables were covered with red tablecloths and I added black stones to add the touch of seeds! I found that idea on the internet by searching watermelon themed parties. I thought it was genious!

Below is the photo buckets I made for extra decor. There were 4 buckets (0-3 mo,3-6mo, and so on). I added a memo of what our little girl was doing at each month.

FYI...I don't bake or cook. So this cupcake creation was made by Kroger. I LOVED how it turned out! And I didn't have to cut cake. They are each individual cupcakes! E-A-S-Y!!!!! That's how I like it.

I couldn't post birthday pictures without this one. My cousin Donna made this dress for Avery and brought it over the night before her party. I loved it, Avery loved it, and I love Donna. Thanks Donna. I love your creativity! I'm still trying to figure out this blog and I have no idea why this picture is sideways when I didn't upload it that way. I'll figure it out later.

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