Thursday, July 21, 2011

One of our summer trips....MN!

 We have been planning on a little trip to Minnesota for a while for a family reunion.
10 hour car ride + 2 kids in back= mommy sitting in the middle wanting a nap!
No just kidding, they actually were really good on the way there. They had their moments of course, but it's only natural since they were out of their comfort zones!

We took a drive for Tony to show us around Mankato and we spotted a park to stop at so the kids could play for a bit.

Tony and Jeanne's house was so nice. The kids loved walking the trails, looking over the bluff, and climbing the deer stand.

Tony took Hudson fishing and they caught a few. I think they were both just as excited!

Here's all the guys minus Collin.
(Kyle, Tony, Kevin, and David)

 For some of you that don't know, Tony is Kevin's biological father that he recently has been in contact with.
The other guys in the photo are Tony and Jeanne's boys. They were so nice and great to get to know.
Here's a pic of Tony & Jeanne with us the next day before we headed to the reunion. We met at a Mickey D's to let the kids play so we could talk over coffee.

We headed 2 hours north to a little town by Monticello, MN. We were there before the other crew got back from the airport so we took some family photos!

That evening we sat around outside with a few drinks talking about what was new with each one of us.

The next day we headed to the farm after a quick trip to the outlet mall where Lisa (Kevin's biological mother) bought Avery this cute tu tu. OF course my diva child had to wear it over her dress with her cowboy boots! I thought this pic was too cute to pass up with her bandaid, beat up knees, tu tu , and boots!

Here's a family photo of us on the family farm. We also go to meet Lisa's daughter Courtney and her boys. Hudson and Nolan buddied up quickly. Dylan and Avery got along for the most part!

As you can see there was no sharing by my little princess. She was telling Dylan that was her chair! What am I going to do with this girl???!!!

It's always nice to hang out with these ladies (Gwen and Colleen). We haven't known them long, but love them as though we have!

All in all, we had a great time and can't wait until we meet up again!

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