Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bubbles make kids happy!

If it only took bubbles to make us happy each and every day, I would buy the whole rack at Wal-Mart!
This evening we decided to get our outdoor "laundry basket" of bubble toys out of the garage and blow some bubbles with the neighbors' grand kids.
Needless to say...They LOVED it!

Avery chased bubbles all over the front yard.

"V" came over to play with Hudson (apparently she's a big fan of my little man). The first thing he did when she came over was take her to Avery's room and ask if she wanted a princess dress. It was the cutest thing! Of course, Avery told her to be Snow White and found her a crown to wear too!

Avery had been dressed as Rapunzel because she had kept her panties dry and had been going to the big girl potty (going potty=wearing princess dresses) You learn the art of bribery as you become a mother real quick!
These two are the cutest little princesses of Nightingale Ct!

They had bubble wands that were making the largest bubbles ever. The best part was that I didn't have to blow out my lungs blowing bubbles for an hour! It was so easy for them to do it themselves.

One day I'm going to look at these princess dresses put away 20+ years from now and remember all of the things they have been through.

Hudson was a big helper "prince" with distributing bubbles when the girls ran out.

I was HAPPY because my two were playing so nicely together, which is a rare occasion right now.

"V" you have to come and visit more often....
Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day for these children to play together outside.

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