Monday, February 7, 2011


So if you know me very well, you know one of my true loves is CRAIGSLIST! I LOVE furniture! My husband I'm sure is going to have to send me to craigslist anonymous soon for therapy. Look at this awesome solid wood 6 ft custom desk I bought for $100 (a total steal!) I had intentions on putting it in the family room downstairs behind the couch for the kids to do art projects and stuff...BUT the more I thought about it the more I thought it would make a great sewing table to put both my sewing machine and embroidery machine on. Cha Ching! The best part is that the wood matches downstairs and all I need to do is change out the hardware (I can't do brass). :)
 Here is Miss Avery's new "big girl" bed. Another craigslist find. I have been searching for a bed for her for a while with certain expectations, one being that the foot board and headboard had to be the exact same because we are going to make this into a daybed for her. All of our bedrooms are extremely small (which I hate). Kevin is going to make a back for the bed and hopefully it will look
more like this....

(Better Homes & Garden)

I'm very excited now to make the transition to a big girl bed for Avery. We have plans...1. sleep in big girl bed without a fight. 2. get through Disney trip in March...3. GET RID OF THE 'FEEF' AKA PACIFIER!.
Wish me luck!
And I haven't forgot about Mr. Hudson. His room will be re-done here soon as well. Here are some ideas that I've picked up online.

 (completely forget what blog I saw this off of, but totally  cute and functional)

And the one below would definitely be different colors for Hudson, but to show that I'm going to add a sconce for him to be able to read and for a  night light. I'm very excited about these projects for functionality and storage!

(Better Homes & Gardens)

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