Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big girl bed

Last picture of Avery in her baby crib. **sniff sniff**
I loved this crib, you may not be able to tell, but it's a pale pink Jenny Lind crib. It will stay with me and maybe someday a long time from now I will be able to use it for my grandkids.

Papa disassembling the crib and Avery telling him how to do it.

Avery is showing us how she is going to sleep in her bed once it's together. I think it was just about nap time at this point.

Papa is serious now with his hat on backwards. Yes, Avery is STILL giving instructions like she knows how to do it.

Completed! This bed is going to be painted pale pink and be converted to a princess daybed eventually once it warms up and I put it on the TO-DO-LIST!
Well naptime did not go over so well...NO NAP WAS ACCOMPLISHED.
Bedtime has been a success so far and we are 2 hours in.
Please pray that it continues this way and that tomorrow she DOES take a nap because that's mommy time!


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