Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day banquet, dairy farm field trip, and baseball.

Every year Mission Circle (women's group at church) organizes a mother/daughter banquet for Mother's Day. This year we had it the Thursday after M-day and the theme was "APRONS". Well as you know, I am not a cook. Maybe one day in the future it will be a hobby of mine, but right now it is not. So this week I found some cute aprons at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for my momma and I to wear. Avery had hers already from her 1st birthday my friend Angie had made. It was alot of fun to see all of the different and old aprons that were brought in and the stories behind them all.
On Friday Hudson had a field trip at the dairy farm at SIU. It is funny that it was there because Kevin and I always say that one day he is going to be a dairy farmer because all he eats butter, milk, and cheese!!!! He loved touching the cows, which surprised me.

Here are the three amigos; Camden, Hudson, & Kade. They have been best buddies all year long and hopefully continue to be friends throughout school.

Friday night, Hudson had a baseball game. Here he is being his silly self. He had a couple of hits and played in the dirt alot in the outfield. :)

And Avery watched Darien's game while she played with Hudson's baseball equipment. Hey, it entertained her.

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