Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter recap

We had beautiful weather for Easter. We went to church and when we returned home the Easter bunny had dropped off some goodies for the kids.

Avery was a little picky when it came to hunting eggs. She would open them up to see what was inside before placing them in her bucket. She loved the ones with quarters in them. HA! She's just like her mamma...loves the $$$$
I made her dress. It is actually 2 dresses. The top dress is open in the back and ties and underneath is a shirt dress. My girlfriend, Angie, helped me out by whipping up some pants for her. I used my fabric scraps for a fabric flower clippie.

Little stud muffin, had a homemade tie that matched Avery. You know us Chapmans, we always have to be color coordinated. I am so OCD.

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