Monday, January 4, 2010

What I've been up to...

Alot of snuggling with these two little peeps.
and actually alot of different crafty things (I know, I know...can't even believe it myself!) My mom bought this for me a couple of years ago at a yard sale and I never had a place for it until now. *BEFORE
*AFTER. You can't really see that I changed the fabric to a pink toile and added aqua and pink ribbon, but I did. I should have taken a pic before the bows were added. And the funny thing is that isn't even ALL of them!

I also made Avery a cradle pad and blanket for her babies. Hudson is showing her how to lay the baby down to sleep.

Does anyone else's house look like this? Or is anyone else ashame to admit that their house looks like this? I blame it on the cold weather and being stuck inside. :)

I'm still thinking of my New Year's resolutions. I will post next about them. We have a project at church I will let you in on.

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