Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Saluki Home Game at McAndrew Stadium

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL! It was wonderful weather for a football and tailgating in SI!
Here is Miss Sassy Pants with my glasses on. She thought she was hot stuff!
And of course she is...look for Avery in the Daily Egyptian this week. I was only gone for 2 min. and when I came back they were taking pics of her and my mom's friend's daughter, Aspen. We are hoping that Aspen can be a new babysitter if she's willing to change some stinky diapers!
Here's our girl and the men in her life...
her daddy and her papa.

Did you see who can wear pigtails now? YEAH!!! She is getting more hair so that people don't say..."look at that cute little boy!"

Hudson & Darien played football at the tailgate. Hudson is getting pretty good at catching the ball. I can't believe I snapped this pic as soon as he caught it. He says he wants to throw the football and be the quarterback though. that's my boy!

Hope everyone had a lovely Fall weekend. I want to hear about it...


  1. LOVE the pigtails and I'm so happy that she wore her "Saluki Girl" dress! perfect!

  2. of course she had to wear her adorable Saluki dress that cousin Donna made her! and she turned alot of people's heads in that dress. the DE even took her pic, but we haven't saw it in there yet.