Thursday, October 1, 2009

In memory of Scottie Nauman

As many of you know, my cousin, Scottie Nauman passed away last weekend from an ATV accident. As I was thinking about what to blog about and looking through pictures I came across these from this past summer. My mom had a get-together at her house for my aunt that is battling cancer. My cousin Scottie is not one to make too many appearances at family functions in the past (I think he gets that from my dad.) But as I was thinking back he stopped by for a while and he even came to the family reunion with my aunt. What I remember most about him is that he reminds me so much (and I hear this often too) of my dad. He even resembles him. He always had a smile and something to chit chat about. I wish I had taken some pictures of his electric bike that he rode to my mom's house that day. He wanted me to try it out, but I didn't because I had a dress on. My uncle did and it was hilarious. Then he decided to try to climb the leaning tree in my mom's back yard. (See below). He looked like a little spider monkey. Hudson got the biggest chuckle from watching him do this. He definitely brought a smile to your face whenever he was around. I remember when we were younger, I also loved to see his "dance" pictures. He always dated the most beautiful girls in jr. high & high school. I would think to myself that he must be something else to have a gorgeous girl next to him in those pictures. Now, everyone knows that he loved baseball. He played in high school and he played wiffle ball all the time with my dad in our backyard. One time they were playing and he hit it over the neighbor's fence and he jumped over to get the ball and my dad yelled..."Watch out for that pit bull coming at you!" My mom was video taping and it was HILARIOUS watching him run for what it looked like his life. He jumped the fence and ripped his shorts. I'm sure my aunt wasn't very happy with my dad about that one!

Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the smile. Thank you for your stories. And thank you for being you through the years. You will be missed.

I have to find some older pictures of Scottie and post. The one that I remember most is both of us on the swingset eating icecream. You know there are always those pics that stand out over the years in your head? That is one of them.

RIP Scottie.

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